How to make money as a kid is a question that is asked quite a lot! If you are a kid reading this you may be asking

How can I make money? I am just a kid.

Here is the thing… there are kids all across the world who take have business ideas at a young age and become millionaires while they are in high school!

Ok so easy may not be the right word but I am not sure how else to describe it.



Starting my blog, Mom Knows Best Online was one of the best things I have ever done…

You want to know what else?!?

I get paid to sit on my couch and write articles!

Blogs earn money in a variety of ways and you don’t have to be a killer writer… as you can tell…

You can blog about anything and make money.

Maybe your interested in video games. Create a video game review site in which you write about the newest games. Include videos and Boom cash cow…

Maybe you play a sport. Write create a site about free fire, pubg or mobile legend. This could be advice, techniques, equipment, etc. Really there are endless ideas.

Here are the four ways that I make money blogging:

  • Ads- Yup those annoying little things but they pay
  • Sponsors- People pay me to advertise their business- sorta like ads but more specific
  • Sponsored Posts- This is when I write an article about a product or service. Its my opinion, but they pay more for it.
  • Affiliate sales- This is when someone buys something after clicking my links.

First thing that you will need is a Domain Name. Keep it short, simple and use a .com:

You will also need Hosting. We recommend that all new bloggers use


Because it’s cheap… you get a FREE domain… and CHEAP!

What else? you said?

Well, you can try become a Youtube content creator.

How do you make money on the YouTube channel?

Do you know, that on average, Kid You-tubers make 1.5$ on 1000 views. But with brand deals, You can make 10,000$ for 100,000 views if your video get this much views in first 30 days.

There are other ways to make money from Kids YouTube channel like

1- Google adsense

2-Amazon affiliate program

3-Brand deals.

Content creators on YouTube Kids earn from ad revenue, similar to regular YouTube. The difference is that they only show ads that are approved as family-friendly.

Also, a short animated intro will play before the paid ad to help kids understand that a paid ad will play before the video.