How to Lose Your Gut

Whenever anyone says or gestures that they want to lose weight, most of the time, they point to their guts saying “I wanna lose all this!” Obviously, abdominal weight loss is a goal for many people.

However, what most people might not be aware of is that-of all exercises-Yoga actually can help immensely for weight loss in the abdominal region. There are specific poses, that target excess weight in the abdomen and coupled with a customized diet, those seeking abdominal weight loss would find success in using these yoga exercises.

Abdominal Weight Loss: Yoga Poses to Use

Let’s go over them…

The Sun Salutations

These are a combination of poses that serve as a warm up-routine for a Yoga session or class. They are very similar to the popular calisthenics exercise known as burpees. However, they differ in that they have a spiritual significance included as a result of executing them. Due to the forward and backward bending motions involved, after performing a few to several rounds on a daily basis, you are bound to notice a marked loss of weight in you abdominal area and the added bonus of muscular tone. These, and additional Yoga Poses can be found in Yoga for Beginners and Yoga for Weight Loss for Beginners.

The first of the twelve poses requires a standing position with the feet together. The palms should be in the praying position in front of the chest. All weight should be evenly distributed. After accomplishing these things, exhale strongly.

While inhaling push the arms up keeping the legs straight and the neck relaxed.

Exhale while bending the body forward and pressing the palms down and trying to place the fingertips in line with the toes.

Inhale while bringing a leg back and placing it on the floor. Arch the back and lift the chin.

Bring the other leg back and try to support the weight on the hands and toes. Keep the chin down and retain the breath, while performing this move.

Exhale while lowering the knees and forehead. Keep the hips up and be certain the toes are curled under.

Lower the hips while inhaling and point the toes while bending back as far as possible. The shoulder should be kept down and the legs together.

Curl the toes under while exhaling and raise the hips. This will leave the body in a V position. Push the heels and head down while keeping the shoulders back.

Inhale and step forward and place one leg between the hands. Keep the chin up and rest the other knee on the floor.

Bring the other leg forward and bend down from the waist keeping the palms on the floor and exhale.

Inhale, while stretching the arms forward, then up and then back over the head and try to slowly bend back.

Return to the upright position, while exhaling and bring the arms to the sides.

The Bow Pose

This simple pose involves laying flat on your belly and grabbing your ankles with both arms while simultaneously lifting your head up high. When performed correctly, you should be resting on your abdomen. Needless to say, it is a pose commonly recommended for weight loss and the prevention and correction of chronic constipation. Another good book for the beginner is Rodney Yees Yoga for Beginners.

In order to execute this pose lie down comfortably on the front of the body, keeping the head down. While inhaling bring the knees up and reach back to hold the ankles. While in this position exhale and then continue by inhaling while raising the head and chest and pulling the ankles up by lifting both the thighs and knees off the floor. While arching backwards continue to look up. Maintain the position and take three slow, deep breaths and then exhale and release the ankles.

To execute the Rocking Bow Pose, come into the Bow position and gradually rock forward and back. It is recommended to exhale while rocking forward and to inhale while rocking back. The head should remain in the static position while proceeding with the Rocking Bow Pose and should always be looking up. Repeat this rocking up to ten times and then completely relax the body.

The Peacock Pose

This is slightly more challenging. The objective is to balance your abdomen on your conjoined elbows while simultaneously raising your legs and head of the floor. Naturally, merely attempting it speeds up abdominal weight loss and detoxification of the visceral organs and the preparatory stage could suffice as the actual execution of the pose till the mastery of it is achieved. In order to get into the total body fitness and physique you are striving for, you should then get Power Yoga Total Body Workout, which will help you lose your gut and strengthen your body.

Steps 1 & 2 – Hands to the Floor

Start in a kneeling position, then move your knees apart. Place your arms between your legs, bringing your elbows in close to your abdomen. Next, lay your hands flat on the floor, with your wrists together and your fingers pointing back toward your body. Starting Pose: sit on your heels with your knees wide apart.

Steps 3 & 4 – Stretch Out

Keep your hands directly under your abdomen. Put your forehead on the ground. Next, stretch one leg and then the other straight out behind you. Your weight should now be resting on your hands, toes, and forehead. Touching the Ground: at this point you are resting your weight on your hands, toes, and forehead.

Steps 5 & 6 – In the Air

Raise your head, and shift your weight forward. Lift your toes. If you perform the movements slowly, you will raise your legs without effort. Hold for 10 seconds. With practice, you will be able to hold the pose for up 30 seconds. Parallel Body: In the final position, your body is held straight and parallel to the floor.

The Abdominal Lift

This is not a pose, per-se but is a specific exercise that involves you exhaling your breath and pulling the diaphragm in while holding the breath out. This is a specific abdominal exercise for weight loss, spiritual rejuvenation and detoxification. Additionally you can get the most out of your workout and get in shape, lose weight with Yoga for Every Body.

First Exercise

While standing with your feet about a foot apart and your knees slightly bent, lean forwards a little from the waist and place your hands just above your knees.

Inhale deeply by pushing your abdomen forwards, and then exhale by pushing your stomach in.

Don’t take another breath; instead, push in your stomach even more, so that it becomes hollow, and hold your breath for about ten seconds.


Second Exercise      

Do the same as above but, instead of holding your Stomach in after exhaling, rapidly push your stomach in and out ten times without taking another breath. Stand up straight and resume normal breathing

There are other poses such as the shoulder-stand, the forward-bending pose, the spinal twist and the wheel pose that also target increase in muscular tone and weight loss in the abdominal regions, however from practice the 4 above will perhaps be the most effective.

Do note though that if you are female and pregnant or in your menstrual period, some of these poses might not be the best to execute.

Moreover, since these poses-besides helping with abdominal weight loss-aid tremendously with detoxifying, it is advised that one eats a proper and healthy diet to augment the actions of these poses.

Other fantastic exercises for abdominal weight loss include your intense Aerobics, the use of the ab-wheel, basic sit-ups, windmills etc.

So empower yourself with these tips and information to achieve your goal for weight loss. Lose that gut starting today.